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ASIs (Areospace science instructors)

COL (Ret.) Biggs, teaches AS 2,3 ,4--- Lt. COL (Ret.) Bennet teaches, AS 1--- CMSGT (Ret.) Eads, teaches Leadership Ed 1,2,3,4---- (In the future there might be pictures to go with the names!)


Curriculum Synopsis!

AreoSpace Science i

The first year is the history course designed to aquaint the student with the historical devolopment of flight and the role of military history! Over half the avaliabl;e class hours are spent reviewing the bevolopment of flight from acient legends to the space shuttle. Additionally , the rrole of the military throughtout the history of the United States is identified! The second half of the course describess the makeup of the areospace community and the United States Air Force.

Leadership Education i

Many of the hours relate directly to the academic subject matter, with study habits and time management. Additionally , wear of the uniform, Air Force customs and courtesies, and basic drill skills are introduced!

AreoSpace Science ii

The second year is a science course designed to acuaint the student with the areospace environment, the princles of flight and navigation, and the human limitations of flight. The course begins with discussion of the atmosphere and weather. The study is expanded to include the planets and space beyond our solar system. After developing an understanding of enviroment , how that environment sffects flight is introduced. Discussions include the forces of lift , drag, thrust. and weight. Students also learn basic navigation, including map reading. The portion on human Requirments of flight is a survey course on human circulatory system, the effects of accleration and deceleration, protective equipment, and the space environment.

Leadership Education ii

Stresses communications skills and cadet corps activities. Written reports and speeches compliment academic materials. Cadet corps activities include holding postitions of greater responsibility in the planning and execution of corps projects and activities.


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