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AreoSpace Science iii

The third year is a science course which discusses principles of propulsion systems, fundamentals of rocketry and its application to spacecraft, principles underlying space travel, and various aspects of space exploration. Turbojet, turbofan, rocket, reciprocating engines, and a detailed examination of propulsion systems are explained. Rocketry and spacecraft portions cover rocket propulsion, guidance and control, and orbits. The space travel section further discusses the development, use, and future of artificial earth satellites and interplanetary probes.

Leadership Education iii

Emphasis is on managing others and stress; citizenship, and ethics. Third year cadets put thes skills into practice by holding key leadership positions in the cadet corps!

AreoSpace Science iiii

The fourth year curriculum is unique to the others. The cadets run the entire Cadet Corps during the fourth year! This hands-on experience affords the cadets the opporitunity to put the theories of previous leadership courses into practice. All the planning. organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling, and decision-making is done by the cadets. They practice their communication, decision making, personal interaction, managerial, and organizational skills!

Leadership Education iiii

Exhibit understanding, and practice the concepts of leader and leadership, and ethics!

The information on the curriculum of FL-881 was taken from FL-881 Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet Group "CADET GUIDE" published in august of 1996!

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