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Field day was on Feb27th and it went of with only a couple of hitchs! Rod. Nurse was injured while playing tug of war with his fellow 1st squadren cadets!

Congradulations to 1st Squadren for winning 1st place at field day!!


Also at the military ball on Feb 20th everything went fine and I would like to give a big we miss u to the "GROG" who lost his life in the line of duty that faitful night !! Also we need to make sure to send out a thnk u letter to publix sense FL921 seemed to use some many of there products in the farewell to the old friend ceromony! One more thank you is in need and this one goes to Brian B. formly of Rock On Ice for being teh DJ at the Military Ball!


Up and Coming events!

Group Picnic soon to come!!!


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